Parents Planning Programs (PPP)
for the Developmentally Disabled of Florida, inc.


Summer Update 2010

SB 1166 was signed into law by Governor Charlie Crist on Thursday, June 03, 2010 at 2:58 PM.

PPP extends its thanks and appreciation to Governor Charlie Crist, sponsors Senator Thad Altman, Representative Kelli Stargel, co-sponsor Senator Ronda Storms, Bryan Vaughn, Executive Director Florida Governor's Commission on Disabilities, their staff, and the many supporters and advocates who worked tirelessly on the passage of this important bill.

FDDC in Opposition to Legislation on Residential Options

Fall Update 2009
Community-based Services, Civil Rights, and Discrimination Issues

The Center for Medicaid Services (CMS) sought public comment for their intent for a proposed rule change to the Medicaid Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Waivers.

The following links are letters written by PPP related to this proposed rule change.

The following link is a synopsis of letters written by members of the FDDC Alternative Residential Options Work Group to object to the CMS comments.

Legislative Issues 2009

Senator Thad Altman filed Senate Bill 1124 and Representative Kelli Stargel filed House Bill 371 amending s. 419.001, F.S.

The Senate and House bills passed through all the necessary committees. Unfortunately, when the bill reached the floor of the House, it was postponed because of a last-minute attachment of an amendment that did not pertain.

PPP compiled a list of "talking points" presenting a rationale for the amendment to s. 419.001, F.S.

PPP also wrote to legislators in the Florida Senate and House urging their support of these bills.

Many individuals and families wrote letters to legislators and to PPP in support of the amendments.

An iPetition to Support Planned Residential Communities was launched.

The FDDC circulated a hostile Alert that misrepresented the intent of the bill. A hostile iPetition urging a veto of our legislation was also started, which censored out dissenting comments.


The objective of establishing planned residential communities met with some very serious obstacles in the form of proximity issues such as the "Thousand Foot Rule" contained in Ch. 419.001F.S.

We encourage you to explore the documents we've collected in our efforts to pave the way for clearing these obstacles so that we can accomplish our mission.



Other Issues sent to us by DSI Supporters

e-Mail to Ed Carraway, Pres. on Dental Care Issues for people with Developmental Disabilities
from Matt Holder, MD MBA, Executive Director (AADMD)
American Academy of Developmental Medicine & Dentistry