Parents Planning Programs (PPP)
for the Developmentally Disabled of Florida, inc.



Short Term

  • Identify common issues and concerns
  • Create parent power through knowledge, vision, and action
  • Provide a forum for networking ideas and sharing talents
  • Look at successful models in order to make informed choices
  • Identify a philosophy of work and daily activities
  • Identify and develop resources: educational, community, cultural, geographical, funding, and legislative
  • Describe a setting for an inclusive, integrated community-based lifestyle location, structure, landscape, facilities, amenities
  • Develop a strategic plan that addresses: vision, geography, finances, organization, people, activities 
  • Form a liaison with an established providers, such as Camphill and L'Arche, who would partner with us to achieve our vision

Long Term

  • Develop a model for an integrated training and family-oriented residential community that provides a safe and stable lifestyle
  • Develop a variety of purposeful work experiences within the context of daily living
  • Provide work opportunities that contribute to the support of the community
  • Identify and attract highly trained and dedicated workers and volunteers. These include caregivers, artisans, educators, business professionals, etc.